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November has been a big change for me personally.

I have recently moved to/back New York, the entire November was just me trying to settle down at our our apartment.

there were a lot of furniture shopping, furniture assembling, unpacking, cleaning and organizing the place.

new york has always been a “complicated” city to me. I love it and hate it at the same times.


what I love about New York are the opportunities, the amazing city views, the easy access to almost everything you can think of, and also being closer to my family. ❤️

what I hate about New York are the crowd, the noise and traffic. I was burn in a less crowded, small and conservative city. so I am definitely not use to this big busy city.

my first night at New York city, it took me an hour to fall asleep. The sirens and the night lights from buildings outside were just too overwhelming.

—— 💍Mejuri showroom (private event day) 🌹— —

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being in the New York opens my doors to more opportunities. there are events, meet ups and workshops that i m just dying to check out.

my first event/invite is with Mejuri, a Canadian minimalistic jewelry brand that I have worked with them in the past year. I have grown so fond of their designs on a personal level.

I was super excited to learn they are opening their first permanent U.S showroom in New York city and was so excited to check them out right away.

my friend and I arrived at around 3pm and the second I walked into the showroom, I was drown by the white and pink minimalistic interior right away.

if you are in New York, I highly recommend you to check them out.

they are located on 📍 43 spring street

shop Mejuri jewelries with my promotional code for you! (10%)

click this link to access: http://crew.mejuri.com/Annazhang

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